The Circle of Life

It's the thought that counts

What is a thought leader? Wikipedia defines a thought leader as a person who is recognized among their peers and mentors for innovative ideas and demonstrates the confidence to promote or share those ideas as actionable distilled insights. Taking the vast ocean of opportunities, how does a thought leader developideas into a full grown an action plan? Being a thought leader can be a powerful tool, especially in the development stages of a endeavour, such as taking a company international or developing a compensation plan for a network marketing company. The health of a company indeed is built upon leadership.

Michael Dell is a thought leader. Some of you may know the story how instead of pursuing medicine Michael Dell left to build computers. He thought leadership was evident when he decided that he could sell his computers directly to the customer, something no other company had done at that point as successfully as he did. Anyone can become a thought leader. Find a mentor, develop yourself. You are your own greatest asset.

Of Weddings and Introductions

I hear from newlyweds quite often about all the things they love about their other half. Truth is, much of what we often find so incredible about another person can disappear in a moment. This is why we ultimately long for unconditional love. When we are loved even in our must unlovely states.

Yesterday, I accompanied my tita at a wedding ceremony in Tondo, Manila. She wanted me to drive her to the church. Actually, I haven't been there but good thing I have a map and that my uncle volunteered to be the driver. I navigate while he drives. What can I say? One word, Dense. Then later that night, I had a 121 with a new discipler, Kuya Oj. He's entertaining and a bit gay or maybe just a cheerful person. My 121's with him will be quite interesting. What ever happens, I'm looking forward to it.

Kung Alam Mo Lang

Inihahandog ng Regal films at nang Seiko films ang isang maatikabong pelikula na aantig sa inyong mga puso ngayong taon. Sa isang tambalang pinananabikan ng buong mundo. Princess bilang Cess at Voltaire bilang Vhon sa...
-cue in dramatic pinoy cliche musical score-

"Kung Alam Mo Lang"

Here's a picture of my cousin, ate Princess, and her, significant other, Voltaire that was taken at Tagaytay some time ago. I stole the picture.. well, I actually asked for it and told her that I'll mess with it. So, I present to you my masterpiece! Wahaha!

A Revelation

It's never too late! In line with the celebration of earth day, I'd like to remind myself and you to take action at moral issue in a global level. Watch An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore. Learn from it. Spread the word. Take action. It's never too late.